Week 16: Future Strategy

Going back to the beginning of the year, I have tried out and experimented with and learned about various social media tools. I also learned about the importance and difference between bad and good design, researching competitors and defining target markets.  Beyond just adding posts and updates to social media and blogs and having an email campaign, I also was able to experiment and learn about purchased ads as well as boosting posts on Facebook.  I was able to set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger and LinkedIn accounts to experiment and get familiar with each tool as well as learn the names of other useful social media channels.

The best social media platforms that will integrate best into my type of business are the visual platforms.  Instagram, Pinterest and of course Facebook, but also because I am business to business, LinkedIn will also be useful.  I also plan on having a blog as well as an email campaign all integrated with my website.  Some of my competitors are also utilizing the same tools, so I will need to be using them as well.

The ones I enjoy the most are of course Facebook, but also blogs and Instagram although I still have not used Instagram very much.  I like the idea of it being just visual.  Facebook makes the most sense to me since so many people are on Facebook.   I use it personally and understand it.  I see great potential in utilizing the advertising since it also applies to Instagram, so I can make specific targeting marketing mixes at a low cost.

For daily use, I would use Instagram and Facebook, I think people are use to seeing posts every day.  Every visual piece I make can then be shared with followers and keeps a running timeline and database of my work.  Less frequently I would use Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs and email campaigns, in around weekly to a by monthly frequency.  I will use Facebook to make updates and posts on all the other less frequent tools.  Of course I will experiment and keep a close watch all tools and adjust and change according to what seems to be working best.  


  1. Hello,

    I do see visual platforms working well for your type of business. I found when I post equipment or products for sale or even current updates, people like to see pictures and videos. Banners are also effective form of advertising a business. The banners can be sent through Instagram, FaceBook, and email campaign. Yelp and google can also be a good resource for feedback.
    Do you make tap handles? Maybe we can collaborate?



    Embarcadero Brewing Company LLC

  2. Hi Mark,

    I liked your offer posted to Facebook. It made me interested! I think the more you build-out your Instagram to demonstrate your craft, the more interest you will cultivate. I know that I have trouble being consistent, but that seems to be the key to success. Best of luck with Mill Works!


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