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Week 5B: Target Market

My business, Mill Works, making laser crafted business and logo signage and point of purchase displays will be mainly targeted to businesses in the San Diego and Orange Counties.  Other than online sales, this is the general demographic approach to focusing my marketing.  However, I will explain the process of narrowing the target market down more specifically to one of my single products where I will focus a specific strategy in my marketing mix.  I know that not all businesses will purchase my products, so I will assume that home based businesses will less likely need signage.  At this point, while I do not want to exclude a majority of businesses, I know that signage is useful for places that have frequent customers and public traffic.  While I will not exclude industrial located businesses, for this exercise I will assume most customers will be in a retail setting, which may include clothing and accessory stores, hotels, markets and restaurants. 

One product line I will offer in …

Week 5A: Comparing Two Websites Markets

After reviewing both the and websites, some clues indicate what their target markets are, while some are similar and some are not.  The Just Cheap Diapers website, their market is obviously parents of newborns or children that care mainly about saving money on diapers, but do not want cheap diapers.  Clearly it is for those on a budget, that can't afford regular priced diapers who seek a deal even if that quality may not be that of a regular brand.  They do claim that the diapers are quality and they are able to purchase the diapers at wholesale pricing, which they then pass the savings onto the customer.  There are no other frills or special features in the diapers other than the price.  There are no economic or green benefits, other than price and saving money.  They have a call to action for monthly diaper specials, however, the link goes to a page that says to stay in touch for upcoming deals.  Some consumers may just care about price and acce…

Week 4: Blogs I commented on

I commented on the following blogs:

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Week4B: Websites I Use Frequently

Of course one of the websites I visit very frequently is the Mira Costa College website at  I like the website, in that it is simple and minimal on the first page, uses large and bold imagery, and easy to navigate main links at the top and more events and happening links with clean type and imagery below.  It's not the very best design, but it still is designed well and effective and has provided easy access to many features that I need.  There are some things that I do not like, the Surf portion is hard to navigate through but it appears that this section is necessarily connected to the main website.  I come back again because I have to in order to take my classes and search the library.  The Mira Costa website is so full of information, however, they have a search feature  that makes finding things so much easier and I use that frequently.  I can also view my classes and change scenarios to see how far off from attaining certain degrees.  I would imp…

Week 4A: Good or Bad Design?

After researching a couple websites to find problems on, I could not help but to chuckle a little bit arriving on the website.  For starters, I had no idea what was going on, there is no inner peace on this website.  The problems on this site are many, the designs, aesthetics, and branding are cluttered, scattered, unorganized and all of the above.  It took me a while to figure out exactly what the website was about, and whether it sells something, or if it was for information.  I think the best thing is to break this website into several websites, focusing on one concept at a time. One for feng shui, one for chakra, one for reverse aging etc.  Or, they can take the main concept and create a site for that, and the other parts make several other pages.  There is too much type and not enough open space, no clearance around logos, images or text.  A lot of this needs to be spread through to the other pages. She looks really happy and pumped up, but the website is far too…

Week 3 Blogs I Commented on

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Week 3B: Competitors Social Media

For this class and this assignment, I will be using my future business idea to do research.  I am opening a laser cut and engraving business sign and branded items business where I’ll be manufacturing business signs made mostly from wood and some metal and plastic.  Marketed to business, we will focus on their logos and limited in scope compared to a large scale sign manufacturing company.  So I am comparing some competitors below.
1. Office Sign Company
Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, You Tube
The links to Office Signs Company to all the social media is well used, and all are updated frequently.  Not one looks to go more than a week without a new post.
Last Used: Facebook - February 10th, Google + - February 5th, Pinterest - no date, but hundreds of images posted, Twitter - February 12th, Instagram - February, 9th, YouTube -  one week ago
It is apparent the the Office Sign Company puts heavy emphasis on social media and utili…

Week 3A: Communicating Through Social Media

Communicating with some businesses can be difficult, and I personally think that trying to get help or answers to things such as bills and other technical problems from AT&T has it's challenges.  First, finding the right person or phone number for the right department can take a while just to find the information.  After automated messages and being passed around, the ordeal can take hours.  Sometimes there are no answers and time is wasted. 

I have yet to tap into social media to get noticed or to try to get a problem solved, and I am not sure if that is the way to go for these issues.  For some other businesses such as retail, the problems may be solved easier using social media.  Searching the Target Facebook page, I did see many complaints, and they all seemed to be responded to by a Target associate and dealt with quickly.  
Since I have never communicated this way with a business, , it may be an option for me to take up next time I have a need.  As with the Target Faceboo…

Week 2B: Blogs I commented on

I commented on :

I found some new perspectives different from mine and enjoyed finding how others use their social media.  It sounds like Facebook is what is on most peoples minds.

Week 2A: Social Media for Business or Personal Use

Many social media platforms today can be used for both personal and business use.  As a casual user of some social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, I am somewhat conditioned to think of these tools only for personal use.  But lately I have been noticing how businesses use these platforms as well.  Naturally I think of Facebook, Pinterest,YouTube and even unfamiliar sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Google + as places where friends and family hang out to share pictures and political junk.  While I learn more about the business uses, some of these seem a bit more geared towards personal use.  However, I see them as critical tools for both personal and business alike.  
The social media platforms I think are more for personal use, or at least they originally were designed for that purpose are Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  From its roots, Facebook to me always seemed like a place to share personal things with others.  Pinterest has given me the impression tha…