Week 15: Google Analytics

After viewing the Google Analytics page, I get overwhelmed with the technical information on all the features of the service.  I am not sure of what things I will need or not need until I start to use the features.  Going through them all, the data collection and management allows information about my data to be analyzed in a comprehensive view of customers and be customized to my needs.  The Data analysis and visualization can help me understand the reports and tools to see and understand customers from acquisition to purchase.

The data activation section makes sense in that I have the ability to see demographic and interest data.  I can create audience lists based on information of age, gender and interests etc.  Also the Multi-Touch attribution that provides functionality to analyze the path to conversion across marketing touch points.  Also Predictive Analytics with smart lists and smart goals can tell me which users are most valuable to re-engage and who are high quality engagements.

Until I really dive into the analytics, I'm sure I will learn quickly which tools and features that will most benefit my business, but I will be using it to get the behind the scenes information to make better marketing decisions.


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