Week 13B: Facebook Ads

Before making ads for Facebook and other social media, implementing good design, branding and aesthetics is necessary when developing all the parts of my brand visual components.  This all hinges on who my target audience is and how I will connect all my marketing tools, including, blog posts, tweets, website, posts and ads and how they will all work together.  Since I have several target markets for different products, each will have a tailored message and look for each outlet in my marketing mix.  With that in mind, I have researched some ads that I think will work well for my business.

I really like the idea of Facebook ads and also very interested in LinkedIn for potential ads as well since my target market likely will be there.  Since Facebook is so familiar to me and so many billions of others, it will be my main interest.  Since they are also connected to Instagram, and ad purchases can also target Instagram I find this to me one of the best ad options. 

Looking at Facebooks ad, a few options stand out that may be beneficial.  Since I have multiple products, I like the way the collection ads and the carousel ad works.  If a customer taps on the collection ad, they can view more products right in the Facebook window.  With the carousel, the visitor can swipe sideways to view a larger portion of products.  I would only use this less often, but use the basic photo ad more frequently to make people familiar with my name and some offerings.  After some time of seeing my ads, eventually they may want to look further with the collection ads and carousel ads.

Other options, that I would test out, and likely would not use as much, but maybe quarterly are the video and slideshow options.  Since videos tend to have a higher volume of interaction, I would be interested in eventually using this option to generate more leads and business.  While every business has a different way of spending on Facebook with different target markets and budgets.  I did read up on few things businesses where doing.  It appears, that when the target market is very narrow, a dollar will go a lot further, but if the market is broad it won't.  Since I have several target markets, I would pick a narrow one and test it out for a while.  Maybe a couple dollars a day on a max on say just restaurant owners in San Diego County.  I would see if there was any return, and adjust accordingly.  If I yield business, I would either increase my spending or adjust some other parameters.  But I will continue to research ways I can better spend on as.

Boosting posts I will definitely utilize.  Since each post may have a different message for a specific market segment, I will be interested in paying more to boost my posts to the market most interested in that information.  Again I will test it out to see if there are any results and how that equates to any new business.  If I start out minimal to sort of prime the target audience, and eventually increase the spending, I may find a good spot that makes sense between the amount spent on ads, and the return on business that justifies the spending.


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