Week 14: Online Advertising

An objective is something you want to attain, like a goal or target that you want to happen.  Some of the ads below will satisfy some of the objectives I have for my business.  Through my advertising, I want to regularly remind and create brand awareness, just letting business owners know that I make precision custom crafted business signs, using nice woods and other materials, and that the ordering process is one click away.  I will use photo imagery to lure the eyes in. 

I also want people to view multiple products and show that there are different types of signs, and show those off visually using the carousel ad option on Facebook.  Through this I want to create traffic to the website so that people can view more of the product line.  On the website, they can get a quote or sign up for some offer by giving up their email.

The next objective is to get some sort of engagement by offering a discount and having someone claim the discount by visiting the website and taking action within in a short time period.  This will prompt a conversion so that a purchase can finally be made after softening the target with the prior ads and posts.  Below are the ads that could work along these lines.

1.  Brand Awareness

2.  Traffic 

3. Engagement 


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