Week 15B: Analyzing Facebook Data

After looking at my Facebook page Insights Data, I have to get familiar with the terminology and the significance of each activity name.  After some time I assume my familiarity will grow and the usefulness of each.  Looking through just the last week I can see some activity with a few page views, a reach of 5 and 35 post engagements which has gone down 85% since the following week.  This engagement looks like it went down because I did not have any posts this week.  I have 1 more page follower which is up 100%.

Looking over the last 28 days looking back on all the data, it is obvious that when posts are made, that's when the engagement spikes up.  The biggest spike was on May 7th with my last post of 15% off of any custom logo sign.  It seems that this creates more interaction, although the reach is lower, the engagement and post clicks can be higher.  One post had high reach, but no clicks or reactions, and the lowest reach for the 15% off had higher engagements.  

Another feature is the geographic, age and gender information.  I do not see that on mine, but on the Aztec insights, this looks like valuable information on who, and where the reach is getting to.  I find that this will be valuable for my business to see if my focus on my target markets are reaching the desired targets and who is responding.

I will continue to monitor my insights, and get more familiar with each term and how that will relate to my business.  I will need to interpret the data based on my posts and when and what I post.  


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